Started to think about the images I’d see if I turned around and looked at the path I’ve taken over the past 12 years….

The only thing that I could think of (and I think more than likely, most addicts will be the same), is the past 12 years is littered with lines in the sand that I was absolutely certain I'd never cross. No matter what, I'll NEVER buy anything off of the street! I'm just going to take whatever is prescribed to me! Unfortunately, I ran out early, but it's not a big deal….ill only buy a few from friends….no matter what, I'll NEVER go to a random stranger! I'll NEVER snort, or shoot! I'll NEVER spend more then whatever I can afford to lose! If that means that I'll have to go through WD….so be it! I'll NEVER steal, or lie to get high! I'll actually save money if I start to snort them, but I'll NEVER do heroin! I'll actually save money if I jump to heroin! But, snorting isn't that bad….I'll NEVER go to the needle! This is just a few of the lines in the sand that I've personally crossed. Each time, I wasn't lying when I would say that I'd never do that. I wholeheartedly believed that I never would take that step. IMO this is a perfect example for why opiate addiction has to be considered a disease. It has the ability to take great people who would never hurt someone and turn them into someone who would do some of the worst shit a person could ever do! Unfortunately, that person never realizes what's going on until it's way to fucking late! Sorry for the long winded ramblings, it's just something that's been on my mind. I would have bet my life that I'd never cross any of those lines!