Identifying methamphetamine/isopropylbenzylamine reside

The other day I purchased a new dab rig and wanted to get really high, so i heated it up nice and hot, and dropped a big old shard into the cup/ I took a big greedy rip of the vapor, and what I got was rather unpleasant and tasted like lemons. My suspicion is that i separated the meth salt into freebase and hydroelectric acid, as I noticed immediate damage to my teeth and the entire experience was rather unpleasant. however, what solidified inside the cup is split pools that recrystalized in waves. I read that the wavy pattern indicates pure substance recrystalization. My guess is that the seperate pools are where the meth and the n-iso coagulated at there respective solid temperatures. another hypothesis is that the pools are where i seperated the different meth isomers? or maybe it's both isomers and n-iso. Another possibility is that I'm a deluded meth addict who has no idea what he's talking about. ​ here's a picture sorry about the low quality but you can kind of see that there are cracks where the substance didn't mix back together: ​ I can try to get a better picture if it helps, but what's in my cup? image