Get special discount for 2018 ► According to ED Reverser Program by Max Miller It is extremely important to understand the history of your medication and prescription drugs you are currently taking in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction attributable to medications prescribed for other medical conditions accounts for 25% of all cases of erectile dysfunction. If medication is the cause of erectile dysfunction – stopping, cutting back and substituting medications, is the answer to your erectile dysfunction problem. Medication and prescription drugs for the following medical condition which may affect and hamper your sexual functioning are:- • high blood pressure and antianginal medication • ulcer and irritable bowel syndrome medication • antianxiety drugs • antidepressants • antipsychotics • amphetamines Get special discount for 2018 ► See you doctor right away if you are experiencing any sexual dysfunction. Although medication may be cause of erectile dysfunction, don’t stop taking medication on your own! Your doctor should be the one deciding which medication is the cause of erectile dysfunction and your doctor should decide what to do about it ED Treatment Methods – ED Reverser 2018 Erectile dysfunction treatment should start with the least invasive treatment before moving on to more invasive treatments. Psychological Counseling Psychological counseling for patients with no physical cause of erectile dysfunction is often enough to help reduce the impact and duration of erectile dysfunction. Impotence Natural Remedies – Does ED reverser work? ED Reverser natural remedies are first line erectile dysfunction treatment option and impotence pill works best for men whose main problem are emotional problems. Ed reverser ingredients in the form of impotence remedies also works for men with physical problem where the erectile tissue has not been severely damage. Erectile dysfunction remedies are the top oral drugs available for impotence treatment. Hormone Supplements ED may be cause by too much sex hormones such as low level of testosterone, excess prolactin or excess oestrogen. excess oestrogen. Low testosterone level decreases sexual desire which is a contributing factor to ED in older men. Testosterone injection or testosterone patch are normally prescribe for low testosterone levels. Penis Pump – Vacuum Devices Penis pump are vacuum mechanical devices that cause penile erection by creating a vacuum around the penis and drawing blood into the penis causing penis enlargement and erection. An elastic band is place around the base of the penis to maintain erection for sexual intercourse after the penis pump cylinder is remove. Injection Therapy Injection therapy requires a very fine needle into the shaft of the penis. It produces very good quality erection for 30 to 60 minutes for men with erectile dysfunction. It also affects disrupts sexual activity, sexual spontaneity, scarring and deformity to the penis. Penile Implant Penile implant involves surgery, are basically irreversible and should be the last resort for men with erectile dysfunction. There are two basic types of penile implants which replaces the natural erection tissue i.e. semi-rigid and inflatable penile implants. Get special discount for 2018 ►